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Elmoz Czech, Ltd. Benešov

The subject of the project was the design of the central heating system for the administrative building of Elmoz Czech, s.r.o. The building has three floors. On the 1st floor there is a multifunctional area, dining room and reception, on the 2nd and 3rd floor there are offices. The heat source for the building are two air-to-water heat pumps of PZP HEATING brand.

Outdoor units – evaporators are installed on the roof of the building. The internal part of the heat pump, including the storage tank and the TeV storage tank, is always located in the building. The 2×36 kW heat pump is equipped with a compressor, a tubular heat exchanger and a control unit. The temperature gradient of the heating system is 50/40°C, for hot water heating 55/45°C.

Výparníky a FVE - tepelné čerpadlo Split HP3AW36SB - ELMOZ

Basic information

2× heat pump SPLIT

Accessoriesstorage tank 500 l
back-up electric boiler 2×30 kW
Usageheating and hot water heating
cooperates with FVE
Place of realizationBenešov, Central Bohemia Region
Year of installation2018
Thermal loss
calculated heat loss 65 kW (at -15 °C)
Heating systemheating elements with 50/40°C gradient

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