Association for the use of heat pumps is the only professional organisation that brings together companies involved in heat pump technology. All major manufacturers and importers of heat pumps in the Czech Republic are members of the association.

Objectives of the association

The development of heat pump installations in the Czech Republic is lagging far behind countries that have been active in reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment for decades.

The first targeted installations of heat pumps in the Czech Republic appeared in the early 1990s. The low level of household energy prices made the return on investment in heat pump installation prohibitively high. In some cases, it was longer than the lifetime of the equipment itself. In these unfavourable conditions, without support, “just out of fandom”, a few individuals and companies took the path of pioneers to install heat pumps.

Only minimal information was available about heat pumps, which were relatively uncommon in our country. Serious data and, in particular, practical experience of operation were lacking among the general public and professionals. This situation, although much has been done to popularise heat pumps, unfortunately persists to this day.

For these reasons, the Heat Pump Association has set itself a difficult task. To work in the field of dissemination of information, education of professionals (architects, civil engineers, designers, installers, government) and potential investors. There are not only information barriers, but also legislative and economic barriers. These are a very significant obstacle to the increased uptake of heat pumps, so it is necessary, with a view to the development of heat pump installations, to pay attention to this issue as well.

Following the involvement of the European Heat Pump Association, which brings together members of individual EU countries that have many years of experience, it will be possible to benefit from their knowledge and experience. In this way, the Association can avoid the mistakes that usually accompany any new activity.

Association aims to take care of the technical level of its members and to minimize the number of incorrect installations that lead to a negative attitude of users and potential buyers of heat pumps.

Coordinated cooperation in addressing energy, financial, ecological and other strategic concepts of the state is an essential part of the activities of Association.

Establishing contacts with other entities is also important for raising awareness. Whether it be interest associations in the field of renewable and alternative energy sources, environmental protection, electricity companies, EKIS consultancy centres, energy auditors, etc. Cooperation with universities and secondary schools, research and testing institutes, etc. is also beneficial.

We believe that the activities of the Heat Pump Association will lead to greater awareness and, as a result, a substantial increase in heat pump installations. It will contribute to a positive impact on energy management and benefit the environment.

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