The management of PZP HEATING a.s. is announcing the following strategic plans for maintaining and improving its market position through the sale of quality products and prioritizing environmental protection::
  1. To meet the needs of customers, to supply the market with products according to the company’s production program that will equally satisfy customer demands for quality, safety, economy, and environmental protection.
  2. To strive to increase sales of heat pumps and thereby help reduce the energy required to heat buildings. To contribute in this way to the conservation of primary energy sources and the reduction of atmospheric emissions.
  3. To systematically improve the level of environmental protection throughout the entire life cycle of our products, from production through operation to end of life.
  4. To strive to continuously increase the awareness of customers, business partners, and the public about the quality, usefulness, and environmental benefits of our products.
  5. To continuously strive to improve the quality of services provided and to optimize production costs, to improve the working environment.
  6. To build a sales, installation, and service network throughout the Czech Republic and other countries as part of the company’s sales strategy that will continuously increase the market share of PZP products.


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