As a specialized Czech manufacturer of heat pumps, PZP has been successfully developing, manufacturing, and supplying a complete range of heat pumps for 25 years. PZP heat pumps are among the best-selling heat pumps in the Czech Republic and their users particularly appreciate their high quality, use value, and reliability. They are also gradually gaining popularity abroad and are supplied throughout Europe. From an ecological point of view, the air-water system is the future of heating and water heating, not only at home but throughout the world.

Unique technical solutions are earning PZP heat pumps a place among the devices with the leading technical parameters and the most economical operation. Thanks to these patent-protected technical solutions, PZP heat pumps have won more than two dozen awards at international exhibitions, trade shows, and prestigious competitions. Devices bearing the PZP label are installed in residential homes, industrial plants, commercial and service facilities, and historic buildings.

  • Sestava ocenění
  • Grand Prix For ARCH
  • Sestava medailí Grand Prix
  • Grand Prix Frigotherm

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