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Acting Museum VIKTORKA in Ratibořice

In Ratibořice, East Bohemia, a reconstruction of a cultural monument from 1901 was carried out, in which the first acting museum in Bohemia was established. It houses a permanent exhibition of acting legends and regular seasonal exhibitions. The museum includes an intimate cinema hall, a walk of fame and an actor’s colonnade. The warmth provided by four DYNAMIC air-to-water heat pumps contributes to the well-being of visitors.

Regulace tepelných čerpadel Dynamic - Herecké muzeum Viktorka Ratibořice

Basic information

4× invertor DYNAMIC 6,3 - 22,0 kW

Accessoriesstorage tank 300 a 800 l
hot water storage tank 2× 750 l
Usageheating, hot water heating
Place of realizationRatibořice, district Náchod
Year of installation2017
Thermal loss71 kW (for -17 °C)
Heating systemcombined 50°C/40°C gradient

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Implementation and service company: Enco-tepelná technika s.r.o.

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