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Elementary school reg. Mělník

The increase in the capacity of the Primary School was caused by a long-term increase in the number of school-age children. The municipality solved this situation by building a new, detached pavilion directly in the garden of the school grounds. The two-storey building is built in passive energy standard and uses a PZP air-water DYNAMIC heat pump for heating. The building was nominated for the prestigious 2018 Best Passive and Energy Efficient Building award.

Tepelné čerpadlo Dynamic (powerbox) - ZŠ

Basic information

invertor DYNAMIC 6,3 - 22,0 kW

Accessoriesstorage tank 500 l
back-up electric boiler 4× 6,0 kW
Usageheating, hot water heating
Place of realizationdistrict Melnik, Central Bohemia Region
Year of installation2018
Thermal loss21 kW (for -13 °C)
Heating systemfloor heating and radiators 50°C/45°C

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