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Hotel Rajská zahrada in Nové Město nad Metují

Beautiful surroundings, paradisiacal comfort, spa services, relaxation – this is the Wellness Hotel Rajská zahrada. To the well-being of visitors contributes the heat, which brings to the building air-water heat pump HP3AW36SB manufacturer PZP HEATING a.s. In addition to heating, the heat pump also heats domestic hot water and water for an indoor swimming pool.

Hotel Rajská zahrada - tepelné čerpadlo Split

Basic information

Heat pump SPLIT

Accessoriesstorage tank 500 l
storage tank of hot water 2× 500 l
Usageheating, hot water heating
Place of realizationNové Město nad Metují, Náchod Region
Year of installation2015
Thermal loss
50 kW
Heating systemcombination of underfloor heating and heating elements

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