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Nursery school Nový Hrádek

The Nový Hrádek Kindergarten is a contributory organization of the Nový Hrádek Municipality. It provides all-round care for children usually aged three to six years and develops specific forms of educational activities for children. It also provides meals for preschool children and all staff.

MŠ Nový Hrádek

Basic information

3× invertor DYNAMIC 16 kW
HP3AWX 16 Splitbox
separated capacitor SPLITBOX
Accessoriesstorage tank 300 l
back-up electric boiler 48 kW
Usageheating and hot water
Place of realizationNový Hrádek
Year of installation2019
Thermal loss48 kW (outdoor calculated temperature -18°C)
Hot water heatingindirect heater SGW 400 MAXI

For heating, a cascade of 3 inverter air-water heat pumps with an output of one 16 kW is installed. As a backup heat source is an electric boiler with an output of 48 kW. The heat source is used for heating water and operates with equithermal control.

The heat pumps of the DYNAMIC series are designed in a compact outdoor monoblock design with inverter technology. Each heat pump has a high heating factor of up to 5.06. The noise values of the PZP DYNAMIC heat pump are well below the limit values. The sound pressure at a distance of 3 m from the HP3AWX 16 DYNAMIC unit is 35 dB.

The heat pump is connected to a 300 l storage tank. Heating water is drawn from the storage tank to the heating system by means of circulating pumps.

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