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Social care home Tmavý Důl

Social care home Tmavý Důl, also known as the mine shaft “Zdeněk Nejedlý II” in the cadastre of Rtyně v Podkrkonoší (behind the village Odolov, towards Adršpach). In 1989, the coal shaft was closed and a drinking water pumping station for a retirement home was established there.

Domov sociální péče Tmavý Důl - čerpadla PZP HEATING a.s.

Basic information

invertor DYNAMIC 8 kW
HP3AWX 16 D Splitbox
separated capacitor SPLITBOX
Accessoriesaccumulation vessel 500 l
3× accumulation tank for TeV
1× backup electric boiler 72 kW
6× circulation pump
3× three-way valve including actuator
Usageheating and hot water
Place of realizationTmavý Důl
u Rtyně v Podkrkonoší
Year of installation2022
Heating104 kW
TeV heating40 kW
Theoretical annual heat consumption2 165 GJ/year
(601 MWh/year)
Theoretical electricity consumption214 MWh/year

The total capacity of the facility is 156 beds, of which 72 beds are for the home for the elderly and 84 beds for Ward I. The new Ward I (costing approximately CZK 170 million) has 84 new social beds, with individual rooms having their own sanitary facilities. The size, scope and use of innovative elements in social services make the new ward absolutely exceptional.

The Hradec Králové Region (the investor of the new building) decided to tackle the project comprehensively and reduce heating costs by installing PZP HEATING heat pumps, but also by making structural modifications that will reduce the overall energy consumption in the future.


  • Number of heating days: 298
  • Outdoor calculation temperature: – 18 °C
  • Average temperature in the heating period: +2,1 °C
  • Altitude: 430 m above sea level


  • Heating: 104 kW
  • Hot water heating: 40 kW
  • Total: 144 kW
  • Theoretical annual heat consumption: 2 165 GJ/year (601 MWh/year)
  • Theoretical electricity consumption: 214 MWh/year
The actual electricity consumption for heating and DHW will be influenced by the operational requirements of each facility.


Heat source: air-to-water heat pump inverter type


  • heating water – 55/45 °C (computational)
  • heating water temperature – 60 °C
  • design pressure – PN 0,3 MPa
  • design temperature – 90 °C
  • operating overpressure: 0,12 – 0,18 MPa
  • operating overpressure max.: 0,25 MPa


  • cold water – 10 °C
  • hot water – 55 °C
  • circulation – 45 °C
  • design pressure – PN 0,6 MPa


ZThe heat source for the building is the HP3AWX16D SPLITBOX air-to-water heat pump system (outdoor and indoor unit). Navržená kaskáda tepelných čerpadel je sestavena ze šesti venkovních jednotek, které jsou umístěny na jižní straně budovy u štítu. The indoor units (heat exchangers) are installed on the perimeter wall in the technical room, which is located on the 1st floor at the south gable.

At a calculated outdoor temperature of -18 °C and a heating water temperature of +55 °C, the output of one unit is 16 kW.

The air-to-water inverter heat pump with infinitely variable power modulation ideally follows the needs of the building and thus optimises heating and hot water costs as much as possible. It achieves high efficiency not only by controlling the compressor output, but also by adjusting the speed of the fan and circulator.

Very quiet operation (sound pressure level at 3 m from the outdoor unit 35.2 dB) is achieved by specially designed blades, the use of an ultra-quiet fan and a perfectly acoustically insulated compressor section. Setting the heat pump and heating system parameters is easy and intuitive via the touch screen. Operating conditions and values, such as the heating factor (COP at A7/W35 is 5.05), are clearly displayed on the seven-inch colour display. An electrical switchboard is included to provide power switching for the backup heat source, circulators and individual control elements. Heat pump DYNAMIC according to the new ErP directive (effective from 2019) belongs to the A+++ energy class.


  • Heat pump cascade 6x HP3AWX 16 DSP – split design including control (Pdesignh 16,02 kW; SCOP 4,99; seasonal energy efficiency 197%)
  • Connection of outdoor unit and indoor splitbox up to 15 m including R410A refrigerant charge
  • 6× electronic circulating pump for heating circuit with PWM
  • 3× three-way valve including actuator 5/4″
  • 1× accumulation vessel 500 l
  • 3× hot water tank 1000 l with heat exchanger area 10 m2
  • 1× backup electric boiler power 72 kW


Outdoor unit – heat pump HP3AWX 16 DSP

Designed an air-to-water heat pump with high energy efficiency, quiet operation and the possibility of setting lower fan speeds. Operation with compressor, fan and circulator power modulation, with intelligent control system. The outdoor unit is mounted on a concrete base with drainage layer.

Indoor unit – separate capacitor Splitbox

The separate Splitbox condenser consists of a plate heat exchanger (heat pump condenser) and is provided with thermal insulation. The condenser is connected to the refrigerant and secondary circuit of the heat pump. The unit is wall-mounted. The connection to the outdoor unit is via a copper pipe for refrigeration.

Accumulation vessel

A heating water storage tank with a volume of 500 l (connected from the condensers of the indoor units) has been designed.

Preparation of hot water

The hot water is prepared in three indirect storage heaters with a capacity of 1000 l. TeV heating is preferred to heating.


A wall-mounted electric boiler with an output of 72 kW, connected to the hot-water heating system, is designed as a bivalent heat source.

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