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Swimming pool region Domažlice

In Domažlice region, cascade of four HP3AWX 14 ECONOMIC air-to-water heat pumps will heat the pool water at the natural swimming pool.

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Basic information

4× ECONOMIC 16,3 kW
UsageTemperature of swimming pool 22 - 26 °C
Place of realizationregion Domažlice
Year of installation2023
Thermal losswater surface area 400 m²
children's pool 24 m²

The town in Domažlice region wants to open a new swimming pool for about CZK 100 million before this summer season. There are plenty of water parks in the surrounding towns, so they decided on an outdoor swimming pool. It is a complete reconstruction of the original natural swimming pool and the pool water will be heated by four HP3AWX 14 ECONOMIC air-to-water heat pumps.

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