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Swimming pool Vodňany

A cascade of 4 PZP HEATING HP3AWX 14 ECONOMIC heat pumps was installed in the summer complex Škorna – at the swimming pool Vodňany.

Dětský bazén Vodňany

Basic information

4× ECONOMIC 16,3 kW
Accessories4× Powerbox Comfort electrical switchboard
4× circulation pump
Usagetemperature of swimming pool 22 - 26 °C
Place of realizationSummer area Škorna - swimming pool Vodňany
Year of installation2023
Thermal lossswimming pool with a water surface of 500 m²
In useseasonal operation V - IX

Concrete tanks in the Škorna housing estate in Vodňany are a thing of the past. A new swimming pool has been built here.

In the Škorna housing estate you will find a modern outdoor swimming pool with slides, water attractions and heated stainless steel pools. Part of the pool is for fitness swimmers, but the larger area is occupied by the recreational one. The swimming pool offers various attractions, wellness elements and a paddling pool for children. There is also a small aquatic habitat with ornamental fish and plants. The natural habitat is filled with rainwater from the roofs of the apartment buildings. Although the biotope is not for swimming, it is still lively.

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